With all of the buzz and craziness of our wedding day, it was such a relief to have a photographer who didn't need endless direction or guidance. Kip Carter did not miss a single moment, he captured perfectly the essence of the day. In addition to taking gorgeous photos, Kip helped to keep everyone in our wedding party happy and in the right place at the right time. He was essential to make our wedding day better than we could have ever hoped.

Nick and Emily Baldwin

I have so enjoyed your photography over the past few months.  I think you have a real knack for character, and narrative, and they have really delighted me over and over again!  Seems like you have a great relationship with your equipment

I just can't get over that one of James in the farm -- the black and white portrait -- it captures everything I married him for.

Carolyn Sullivan

I will treasure these for the rest of my life, Kip.  We will definitely be setting up another appointment.

Chad Urban

Kip, These are just fantastic. You managed to capture her inquisitive, cautious yet playful personality so well, which was a task on Sunday. And that leaf sequence with Gus is awesome -- pure childhood joy. Thank you again!!

Monica Markovich

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