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As both a writer and a photographer, I am drawn to story-telling - the details, the themes, the beauty hidden in every moment.  I contextualize subjects and situations to reveal the powerful narratives behind them. Every moment is bursting with immense potential, forged by the dreams, desires, actions, and accidents that breathe life into the present.  To convey this in real time is an awesome privilege, and I am honored to share that privilege with you.

When I am behind the lens I seek not only to capture life's extraordinary moments and produce high-quality portraiture, but to creatively render life as it is - to paint in pixels and illuminate the splendid movement of our world.  While you celebrate monumental milestones in your life, I rejoice in celebrating with you as I pursue my life's passion.  This truly is a labor of love.

Please call, email, or text message with any questions about packages and availability. 

Kip Carter




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